Jasey Lately

Some people leave a little sparkle wherever they go. If you know Jasey, you know what I mean. Sometimes I think an actual light follows her around, because I’ve never met someone with such a bright and inspiring outlook on life. Jasey is my brother’s girlfriend, and I like to think I found her, since I met her first! (Although it’s quite obvious God hand picked her. ) She is a flight attendant for Delta, which means she is a part time world traveler, and full time adventurer. Each place she has been seems to have influenced her style in one way or another, and her closet is packed with clothes from all around the world. Looking at these pictures won’t even begin to describe her bubbly personality, but may give you a little sneak peek of her amazing life. Jasey knows what it means to follow your dreams.

Jasey always travels with the three B’s: a book, bathing suit, and booze.


image (8).

image (9)

image (2)

image (11)


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