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Looking into a girl’s purse can sometimes be like reading her diary. For this post (after I took all of the embarrassing items out of my purse) I decided to showcase all of the things we stuff in our bags from day to day. Here’s what’s in my purse this week!

The girl-on-the-go isn’t always necessarily neat (especially if your name is Julia), but that’s all the more reason to try to stay organized! That’s where the agenda comes in. I’m obsessed with my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda…it looks like a Bible! My IPad Mini probably keeps me more distracted than organized, but look how adorable the Kate Spade case is! It matches my IPhone wallet, so I had to have it. Every girl needs a teasing comb, sunglasses, and a little lipstick, especially after a night out on the town. Two of my favorite things from my bag this week are my Glitter Bomb Bobbi and Neon Pink Chiffon Girlie Bow from! These pieces jazz up any outfit! I also have my rosary on me at all times, it’s the Catholic school girl in me. A little prayer never hurt anybody! 🙂

Tote Bag: Lilly Pulitzer via Pink Daisy

Ipad Mini Case: Kate Spade

Agenda: Lilly Pulitzer via Pink Daisy

Glitter Bomb Bobbi:


Nail Polish: OPI “I Lily Love you”

Flash Drive: Lilly Pulitzer via Pink Daisy

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