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I recently put together a poll on my Instagram story asking you guys if you would be interested in a post about how to use More of you didn’t need help–but about 40% of you did and so I’m here to answer any questions you may have. First of all, I’ll start by saying that for me personally I like using the actual app the best, instead of the original way of getting emails sent to your inbox. If you prefer that way it’s total fine–I’ll explain that too. But I’ve found that the app is much faster and a lot easier to navigate, especially if you’re just starting out using



If you’re starting fresh, go to the website: and click “Sign up” in the top right corner. Enter your email and a password to create an account and you’re ready to get shopping!

After you have signed up, you’ll be all set to start getting emails with outfit details sent to your inbox. So, now if you see the symbol on the bottom right of a blogger photo, you’ll know that it’s a shoppable photo. Even if it doesn’t have the symbol, which I will show you below, you can “like” the photo if you notice within the caption of the photo. By doing this, the info will also be sent to your inbox.

Notice the white heart icon in the bottom right of the photo. This alerts you that the photo is linked through and can be shopped by liking the photo with both the app and the email signup.



You can also tell an image is shoppable if it contains this http line. If you were to paste this line in your web browser it would take you to the LTK page to shop. Instagram doesn’t allow links within captions so that is why it isn’t instantly clickable from here. But if you like a photo with this it will be sent to your inbox and your app!


You can also go to the site that you created a password for and shop that way. Your shoppable liked posts will look like this.



I’ve gotten so many questions about this. Basically, when we link something we’ve posted, when you click it and go to the site to purchase something, we earn a commission. The great thing about LTK is that it saves things for you, so if you don’t want to buy something right this second, you can go back to it and purchase it through us, instead of just remembering it and googling the item later. If that happens, we don’t receive a commission. We really appreciate when you purchase things through us–it’s how we make any money at all!



This app is a game changer. It’s so much easier for me to use–mostly because I’m on of those people that currently have 31,998 emails on my phone. I know some of you are thinking “I don’t have the space to download one more dang app that takes up space on my phone.” But let me tell you, you will love it and it’s so worth it! Even if you aren’t tech savvy, you will be able to figure this out!

Search “” on the App Store and it will be the first one, and will have the black and white heart icon. 


Once installed, sign in to your account and you’re ready to roll! You’ll have a feed–which is similar to Instagram, it will be grid of recent posts you’ve liked or screenshotted. You have probably heard the phrase “screenshot to shop” and wondered how it works, and it’s pretty simple. Just how you’ve learned to “like” photos you want the details to, now when you see the heart icon in the corner, you can screenshot the photo and details will instantly show up on your app. It’s just another way to make shopping easier for you!

Before this feature, I used to screenshot photos and just save them in my camera roll and have to remind myself later that I wanted to shop for a certain outfit. This takes the work out of it–now I just go to my app and it’s all there.



Instagram has changed their algorithm recently, and to be completely honest as a blogger, it’s been a pain in the ass. It’s made things very difficult for us in terms of getting our posts seen by you guys, and makes it extremely hard to gain new followers and keep up engagement because Instagram doesn’t present our posts in front of everyone like before. All of that is completely confusing and difficult to explain– I barely understand it myself. BUT, the good news is that LTK has just released a new feature on that app that can cut out that Instagram confusion.

On the app, there is a tab at the bottom that is titled “My Influencers.” This is a feed that is constantly updating posts from bloggers that you follow, so you never miss a beat. Instead of sifting through Instagram wondering if you’ve missed something from your favorite bloggers, now you can find them all in one place. Think of it as like a tiny blogger Instagram, where you decide which ones you follow.

I really hope this helps you guys! If you have any more questions about the app or how LTK works please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me! I really think understanding how it works is the hardest part, but after you do it a few times you’ll get the hang of it. Now, get out there and shop!

Happy Sunday, friends! 

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