An American Girl in Paris


Bonjour! I have finally put together another Paris post for you guys! I’m so thankful to Jasey for not only taking me on this trip, but for being my fashion photog when I’m sure she would’ve rather been chugging champagne and eating baguettes.

DRESS under $100! | HEELS want them in EVERY color! |EARRING (vintage) similar here–only $15!

Check out Jasey’s instagram here! She’s a flight attendant for Delta and has the BEST pictures ever. Her dog is pretty darn cute too.



I’ve always heard that Paris feels like a magical place. Magical is quite an understatement. To walk the streets (and ride the streets on a bike, in a skirt I might add) was an experience that I will never forget. I’ve never seen anything like it. The streets were lined with people in cafes, cheersing to each other and celebrating life on weekdays, in no hurry to get back to work or get anywhere for that matter. I think one of the things that makes Paris so special is the idea that life is a beautiful thing, and that there is no shame in slowing down and appreciating whats going on around you. Everything is very work work work here in America, and in Paris, it seems as though romance and art come first, and work comes second. Every street you walk feels as if it were part of a novel, part of history, and now part of who you are.




My Paris posts aren’t over! Be expecting another one next week!


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