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 Okay guys, let’s talk healthy skin. I know I’m usually all about fashion, but fashion looks better on glowing, healthy skin, right?

I’ve teamed up with Sarah Bridgeman, one of my sorority sisters, to tell you guys a little bit about Beautycounter. I should start by saying that I’m usually a bit skeptical of products you see individual people selling online–I sometimes worry that it’s all about the money making, and not about the product. But when Sarah came to me and asked if I would give Beautycounter products a try, I figured why not? Coming from Sarah, who has beautiful skin and an even more glowing personality, made me trust that she would only choose to sell a product that was pure, safe, and effective.

I, along with my roommate Somer, tried several of the products, and fell in love. We used everything from lotions to shampoo and conditioner to rose water. One of my favorite products is the exfoliator, which Sarah and I are giving away at the bottom of this post! Somer’s favorite products were the shampoo and conditioner, and believe me, she’s picky about hair care. She loved how soft and clean her hair was after, and not to mention it smells like mimosas! Honestly, every single product we tried, we loved. I’m hoping to also try some of the makeup, because as much as I enjoyed the skincare, I’m sure it’s fabulous.

Here’s Sarah, to tell you a little bit more about the brand!

“Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Beautycounter is a beauty care brand that is disrupting the industry. We want everyone to know that you do not have to sacrifice safety for quality, high performing products. The average woman uses 12 products a day, yes 12.

Did you know the last time congress passed a major law to regulate the cosmetic industry was 1938? Meanwhile, other countries have moved ahead to protect their citizens from harmful ingredients in skin care products. The European Union, for example, has restricted nearly 1400 ingredients to date, the US has only partially restricted 11. At Beautycounter, we have banned over 1500 from our products.

To Beautycounter, safety means not using chemicals that may contribute to long-term health issues, cancer, infertility or hormone disruption. Our ingredient selection process truly sets us apart.

1. We ban intentionally: Our Never List comprises more than 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients we do not use, no matter what.

2. We screen rigorously: Every ingredient we do use is screened using the best available science regarding specific hazards, like cancer, hormone disruption, and infertility.

3. We learn constantly: There are major data gaps on most cosmetic ingredients. We review emerging data and scientific journals every quarter, and even commission our own studies.

There are 4 ways to get involved with Beautycounter

  • Become a customer and make the change to safe products
  • Host a social and have fun sharing these products and earn great
  • Become a Band of Beauty member and earn great rewards on your purchases
  • Become a consultant and help spread the mission of Beautycounter

Whatever way interests you, I look forward to introducing you all to Beautycounter. I would love to help you make the switch to products that aresafe, non-toxic, luxurious and high performing. The choices you make today matter tomorrow!”


Enter to win a FREE exfoliator from Beautycounter!

P.S. This was my favorite product!

How to enter:

Like Sarah’s Facebook page and High Heels & Happy Hartz

Comment on both pages with what Beautycounter product you’re currently using, or what you would like to try!

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