Fashionable Friends: The Great Macsby

Good things come to those who wait. With that being said, I am so excited to show you guys one of my absolute fav fashionable friends, Mac! Mac has been featured on High Heels & Happy Hartz before, but this time the spotlight is on him. Mac chose to take his pictures in his quaint, yet stylish Chicago apartment. Anyone that has the pleasure of knowing Mac knows that the man has style. He can out dress the best of them, whether he be attending an elegant gala, or in the stands at a football game–he just gets it. The thing I love the most about Mac’s style is his bravery when it comes to men’s fashion. Most guys wear a humdrum button-up for every occasion, having no idea how to style themselves, let alone accessorize. Then you have Mr. Mullins, arriving to the party with a color coordinating ensemble, complete with chic glasses, a witty comment, and a cocktail in hand.











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  1. Renee Harl says:

    Mac Mullins is one of my former students. He is an outstanding young man with a good heart. It is great to see the photographs you took. Your eye captured him very well. Thanks for a good photo shoot.

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