Fashionable Friends: Audrey “Golightly” Howard

Some people just exude style. There are those that are conservative, and then there are the risk takers–the quirky, colorful, and ever cool fashionistas that just get it right. I’m talking about my fashionable friend, Audrey, of course! Audrey’s personal style is different from mine, but she literally inspires me with every outfit she creates. What I love about her style is that it’s more like a work a art than anything. Audrey is also a knock out photographer! This won’t be the last you see of this girl on High Heels and Happy Hartz.





I snagged a few more of her pics to show you some more of her fabulous outfits!





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One response to “Fashionable Friends: Audrey “Golightly” Howard”

  1. audrey howard says:

    hey thats me!!!!

Hold it right there!

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