Insta Magic 12/21/14 – 12/28/14

I’m back with Insta Magic from last week! I haven’t shared my Insta pics in a while, so here’s a glimpse into what’s been going on! 
-New Year Cheer-
My Christmas presents from my roomie/best friend/twin were the best! I’ve had my eye on this Kate Spade Cheers necklace for a while, and without even mentioning it she got me exactly what I wanted. I suppose that’s what happens when you live with someone for 5+ years…

-Bright Somer Day-
Speaking of my best gal pal, I featured her on my blog for my first Fashionable Friends post. She is rocking her usual pop of plaid for a fun winter look.

-Coral Me Crazy-
It’s been a very Lilly Christmas…as it should be! This coral number is one of my favorites to pair with boots or a sweater. It almost passes as red, right?

-Blue Christmas-
Usually I opt for the expected red dress on Christmas Eve, but instead I went for this royal blue ensemble. I clipped on my Memaw’s glam shoe clips for a little sparkle. However, this picture was taken after a few (too many) glasses of champagne, and one of them is on upside down! 

-Glam Cam-
SANTA BROUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA! I am so so excited to have this amazing camera to shoot with! I’m also loving these fun books for inspiration! Special thanks to my Aunt Patti for those!

-Go Big Blue-
I wore this blue lace dress in Palm Beach and it is easily my favorite of the Resort season. The flattering neckline and vivid color make it a winner for everyone who puts it on!

-Shelby Saturday-
My second Fashionable Friends post features my super chic co-worker, Shelby! I’m loving her polka dots and Michael Kors accessories. 

-Cozy + Comfy-
This is my first blog post with my new camera, and I’m loving it! I’m wearing my Memaw’s fabulous jewelry, and there’s more where that came from! Check the blog soon for more!

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