Insta Magic 10/26/14 – 11/2/14

Happy Monday! Okay, today’s Insta Magic is going to be a little game of catch up. I’ve been super busy unpacking a beautiful new Lilly shipment all week, so I didn’t get to do a recap of Insta Magic two weeks ago. So tomorrow we will do last week’s pictures! 
-Tay Sway-
Taylor’s new CD finally finally came out! 1989 is definitely my favorite, and I think it’s quite obvious that I’m her number one fan, in fashion and in music.

-Big Apple Red-
This small town girl loves a little Big Apple Red! It’s funny how the names of nail polish can make you want to buy them–or maybe that’s just the advertising major in me? 

-Party Girl-
I’m in LOVE with my Party Skirt! Not only is the skirt dramatic and fun, but so is the entire brand! Julep is stylin’ in her matching vest for a bubbly and bright post on the blog about Breast Cancer Awareness!

-Leopard Lady-
Leopard is back, y’all. For a second there I gave it up, but now I can’t get enough. This belt is from Forever 21 for about $7.00! You can also find similar ones at J.Crew. I paired it with my high waisted Express Jeans for a classic look. 

-Think Pink-
Here’s another look at my October post for Breast Cancer Awareness! I had so much fun not only with my Party Skirt, but also my thermal mug! 

I did it! I cut about 3 inches off of my hair for a new look, and so far I love it! 

Julep loved her first Halloween costume…for 5 minutes. She posed long enough for a picture, so that’s good enough for this year!

Did you guys know I like Taylor Swift? I wasn’t prepared to go to a Halloween party, so I threw something together that I happened to have laying around. Check out the homemade flashlight that doubles as a microphone! Thanks, Mom. 

-Glitter Girls-
I have a new love for high waisted jeans and an old school look. This outfit is one of my favs because of the classic look! I scored these Guess heels at TJmaxx. 
See you tomorrow! xx

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