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Boy do I have a treat for you guys! This week, I wanted to focus on my most fabulous and fashionable friends. An amazing thing about fashion, is the way you can be inspired by other people–especially the people you love the most. I’m lucky enough to have an extremely stylish circle of friends. This post features just a little sample of each of their looks, and then once a week I will spotlight on one of them! I may also add a few fashionable friends to the list!

Finally you guys can put a face behind the PHOTO CREDIT.


Somer is my roommate, best friend, life coach, photographer, and inevitable soulmate, if you will. Her go-to look is usually a splash of something plaid and some fab sunnies. We get the “Are you two twins?” all the time, and usually say yes. 


Shelby is a doll. She works with me at Pink Daisy, and definitely has a sense of style. Her style is mostly hip and trendy, and a lot of fun–just like her!

Katherine is a ray of sunshine. No, really. (It’s not just the coat.) You’ll usually find her sporting her Lilly from head to toe, with pops of Kate Spade and other preppy and perfect finds. 

Audrey is fabulous. Her style is outside of the box, and definitely never boring. I love how everything she wears, whether it be sweatpants and nikes, or booties and a romper, can be inspiring. Audrey’s style is so Audrey, which is my favorite part about it. 


Mac can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. I mean look at his outfit. He knows how to style an outfit and can sure as hell tell you where he got it and why it’s amazing. Not only is he stylish when it comes to clothing, but apartment style is no stranger to him. Mac is the best to blog with, whether it’s all the way from Chi-town or back home in Kentucky. 

Jasey is living the dream. She’s a flight attendant for Delta, and the fashionable finds she’s scored from different places all around the world make her closet a dream. Whether she’s having breakfast in Brussels, or lounging in London, she’s the best dressed of the trip! 

Caroline also works with me at Pink Daisy. Her signature is definitely her silky long locks and spunky attitude. She’s loving big scarves this season!

Check back later this week for my first feature on a fashionable friend! 

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