Shake It Off

You guys. It is finally happening. Taylor Swift is about to release her newest album! I’ve waited two years for this day, (this day will actually be October 27th) and I can’t wait to lock myself in my room with Julep and listen on repeat to 1989. 
Although I’m obviously a total fan girl about Taylor, a lot of people don’t get it. They’re annoyed by her, and they make fun of her for dating boy after boy and not finding the one that sticks. Each time this happens, she ends up writing a song about him that turns into an instant hit, I might add. This album is not necessarily about guys, or about heartbreak, or anything any of her previous albums were focused on. This about is about her life, about this year being her year, and I think that’s brilliant. Her style has evolved, her music is ever-changing, and now is her time. 
This evolution of Taylor becoming exactly who she wants to be has inspired me a little bit, and I’ve decided that this is going to be my year, too. People will always be talking about you behind your back, people will always be trying to bring you down, and people won’t always necessarily like you, but I think it may be about time to realize we shouldn’t care, and maybe life would be much more fun if we just shake it off.

I’m loving this top & skirt set from t + j Designs! Check out their website featured in the ad below!

Heels: Guess
Skirt & Top Set: t + j Designs
Knee High Socks: Anthropologie
Bangles: The Fancy Flamingos
Sunglasses: Ray-bans

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  1. Megan Dorris says:

    The best one yet, obvi!

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