Insta Magic 10/19/14 – 10/26/14

This past week has been full of fun, fashion, music, and traveling! From horse racing to caramel apples, I’ve seen it all!
-Wide Open Spaces-
This photoshoot (on the blog) was a spontaneous one, to match a last minute trip to Lexington! As I’ve mentioned before, I love watching horses race, but I’m more concerned with the outfits I see at the races!

-Crazy In Love-
Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents! As you can tell, these two are the life of the party, and I hope I’m as lucky as they are to be so in love at that point in my life, and all through my life. 
-Invest in a Vest-
One thing I get extremely excited to wear when the weather starts getting colder would have to be a vest. This Lilly printed vest is one of my favorites, because I love the bright pineapple print (spike the punch) and of course it goes perfectly with my Fancy Flamingos ring. 

-That’s A Wrap-
This was a blog post look that is a great transition into the winter months. Winter is definitely my least favorite season, but if I can find a way to snag a cute outfit I won’t hate it so much! 

-Walkin’ Weenie-
I would say it is a blessing that I started dressing Julep in clothes from the moment she was in my arms, because now she practically dresses herself! She is stylin’ in this pink sweater as she takes a load off from a tough day on the job.

-So Swift-
I love Taylor Swift. That pretty much sums up this blog post. I fell in love with her and her music in the beginning, and now with her new style. Since her new CD came out, I literally haven’t turned it off–this also means I fall asleep with it on and I’m not ashamed. Julep is a big fan too, I might add. I think she and Meredith and Olivia would have quite the party. 

-Leopard Lady-
These steps are leopard. I repeat, these steps are leopard. I was wearing a jumpsuit and standing on a leopard staircase and you guys thought I wasn’t going to take a picture? 

-Gettin’ Wild-
My best friend and I went to Wild Eggs on Sunday for some grub and ended up getting these great berry coffee drinks! As much as this should have given us energy, we spent most of the day lounging around with our only form of exercise being changing the channel. 

I’m beginning to get anxiety about fall being over soon. I just really don’t like when it gets cold out. I took this love for fall to another level on Sunday afternoon, with a fist full of apple cider slushies and caramel apples. I’m also wearing my Brina Box scarf. Can it stay this temperature forever?
See ya next week!

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