Insta Magic 10/12/14 – 10/19/14

This past week has been so busy, but so full of happy things! The boyfriend came in town, we got to bet on ponies, and I styled one of my favorite scarves! Check it out! xx
-A Beautiful Morning-
We should all start our mornings with a little more coffee and a lot more Jesus. This line especially stuck out to me. “There are two types of people in the world: the ones who wait for something to happen and the ones who make something happen.” I absolutely love this. We can spend all of our lives waiting to become who we want to be, or we can start right now. Life’s too short. 

-Hartz & Scarves-
I Lilly love this pattern! This flirty print is from last year, and it’s one of my favs. I can’t resist anything with hearts! 

-Mad for Plaid-
This blanket scarf is amazing. It is a literal blanket! Check it out in my blog post, Out Of The Woods. It’s from Brina Box, and I’m obsessed with everything on their site! 
-All Wrapped Up-
Like I said, I love this scarf! I wrapped it around and pulled it to make it look like a bundle. You’ll never want to take this off!

-Words to Live By-
I came across this quote and fell in love. So many people can be negative, especially when you put yourself out there, but you have to just remember to stay true to yourself and do what you love. 

-Pink + Navy-
This sweater is the best! I scored this from J.Crew on sale, and I’m obsessed. I paired it with my Kendra Scott necklace, and Gap loafers. 

-Off to the Races-
It’s pony racing season! I love love love Keeneland, and I especially love dressing for it! I paired my Fancy Flamingos bracelets with this quilted Lilly jacket, and checkered Lilly dress! 

-Jon & Julie-
Boyfriend is in town! We spent the weekend in Lexington watching ponies and eating sushi. I can’t way til he’s back! 

-The Hangover-
Sunday was a little bit rough after a fun day of Keeneland, but we kept the party going with a few drinks, and yes, more sushi. 
See you next week!

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