Insta Magic 9/14/14 – 9/21/14

Hello, hello! 
I’m starting a brand spankin’ new weekly post for you guys, featuring my Instagram looks from the week! This one is especially for those that don’t have an Instagram (Hi, Mom), or those that want outfit deets, or just anyone who wants to read my lovely little posts! Now, onto the Insta Magic…
-Sailin’ on a Sunday-
This little number screams “I’m on a boat.” I’m sporting my navy Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pants, which I would wear every single day if it were sanitary. I paired them with a Mudpie long sleeve top (courtesy of my stylish mother!) The look is completed with this fabulously comfortable Lilly cardigan, which I also wear with every outfit I can! *Look is accessorized with sailboat.

-Sparkle Baby-
If you know me at all, you know anything that requires even a light dusting of glitter, I HAVE to have. So naturally, when I saw this Glitter Bow, it was as good as mine. It looks like a match made in Kate Spade heaven with my watch, and I accessorized with a fabulous Fancy Flamingos pearl bracelet. We’ll talk about the rest of the ‘fit in the next picture. 

I love love love love loafers! My favorite ones right now are my powder blue Gap loafers that I snagged near the end of last Fall. I’m wearing them with my black Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pants. (I think I have every color.) My button-up is brought to you by J.Crew, where most great button-ups are born. You’ll be seeing this Lilly cardigan in several pictures, so don’t judge–I’m obsessed. 
-Oh, Kendra-
This necklace can literally go with any outfit under the sun, so I highly recommend it! I paired it with my Lilly Pulitzer Luxury Capris, and although it’s difficult to tell, a Lilly peplum top. Those Gap loafers come in handy yet again, and there’s that sweater I told ya about! 

-Rompin’ Around-
Who doesn’t love a romper?! (Unless you’re a guy…I feel like guys just don’t get rompers.) Anyway, this Zingarella romper is AHMAZING. The ruffles on the hem make it super girly, which I love since it helps the black look so feminine. I paired it with some nude heels that I wear with most bold looks. There’s that Kendra Scott necklace again. I need it in every color! 

-Gold Rush-
Okay, Lilly. I say this all the time, but you did it again. This dress is perfection. I love the checkered, yet glittery fabric, that creates such a classic look. I’m still obsessing over my almond bag with the aqua tassel. I can’t wait to wear this to Keeneland!

Let’s be honest here, the ultimate hair goal is either Elsa from Frozen, or Rapunzel. So, I found a way to make that happen, and I’m so thrilled to tell you about it! I’ve recently gotten hair extensions from Bellami, and I’m in love. They’re super easy to clip in, and can be styled just like your normal hair! I’m having so much fun with this…I smell a Halloween costume!

-Sunday Stroll-
You guys, I found more loafers! These little beauties are from Target, and I love them! They’re perfect for Fall. My jeans are from Forever 21, and I’m sporting my Fancy Flamingos bracelets, of course. Okay, I don’t understand that bridesmaids get these gorgeous monogrammed button-ups, yet I never see anyone wearing them after the wedding! Come on ladies, these things are cute, and I’ll be wearing mine all year! 

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